WindSkate preview version available on App Store & Play Store

play-store_miniature appstore_miniature

WindSkate can now be tested on your iOS or Android devices!!

Because it is a closed beta, please fill the form below in order to get you copy of the preview version of the game.

You will be added you to the list of beta tester of WindSkate. You will receive a invitation email with instruction to get WindSkate.


  • a Gmail adress is necessary to register to an Android preview.
  • the email used to connect to Itunes is necessary to register to an iOS preview.


What can be tested:

  • In Settings: select the appropriate Quality setting to your device
  • In Character, enter your player name, gender. In the next tab, cutomize your Player features. Don’t forget to click “Set” to apply the chnage!
  • In Upgrade, select your board and sail. The board and Sails have increasing preformance as you select the board more the right.
  • Play: So far, only 2 single race as availiable, beach regatta and Mountain race. Select the number of players and click Race


  • Gameplay:
    • Left right arrow to turn
    • On the ground, you can see the wind direction arrow.
      • When this arrow is too much on the front or on the back of the board, a red or orange section apprear to indicate that to angle of the skate board and the wind is not good.
      • When the section is green, it means that this is the optimal angle to go upwind or downwind
    • A blue dotted line indicates the direction of the next mark to pass
    • The next mark to pass is indicated with a blue purple particle effect. The direction how to pass it in indicated on the floor.
    • On the top right corner is indicated the overall wind direction
      • Moving arrow icons are indicating the upcoming wind changes (turning, chnage in force). The upcoming wind gets applied when the icon reaches the wind indicator (in the circle)
    • The 3 bar: indicated the conditions for the player to execute advanced tricks
      • The Energy bar (yellow) fills up over time
      • The Speed bar (blue) fills up with the speed of the player
      • The Angle bar (green) fills up with time when the wind angle is optimal to prepare for the trick (wind arrow in the green sector)
    • The tricks : so far only for tacks and jibes
      • When going upwind or downwind, an additional arrow appears with stars.
      • The stars get filled up when the 3 bar reaches the same number of star. So to execute a tricks, the plauer needs an amount of energy, speed and  stabilized at the good angle.
      • At the time being the tricks are not bringing any benefits.
    • The camera button cycles through 3 different Camera views.
    • When an opponent is close but not visible, a ! signs appears (yellow for futher away, red for close)
    • Wind zones:
      • When the player is in a low wind area, a yellow or red particle effects appear and speed is affected (covered by trees, opponenents, buildings, mountains)
      • When the player is in a higher wind effect, a green particle effect appears (when right in front of an opponent going upwind)


Bugs and limitations:

  • On iPads (4:3) aspect ratios, main menu is partially hidden
  • Not tested yet in on iPhones (feedbacks welcomed)
  • In Race Menu definition
    • Choosing more than 4 players can lead to errors
    • The level has no effects
    • The Wind control has no effect (or the wrong one)
  • HUD settings have no effects

New in the version:

  • Ground indication how to pass each marks.
  • Next mark is indicated by a raising blue particle steam.
  • Start and arrival position are marked as in a car race style.
  • When the player passes in a changing wind area (e.g. downwind a tree), a particle effect (in red or yellow for less wind and green for more wind) appear on the sail.
  • A speed effect.
  • A crash effect.


Please feel free to give me you feedbacks!!


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