WindSkate beta update 0.103 is available on the Playstore and the Appstore !

New version to test is out! I heard many of you rfeedback and decided to rework the gameplay and simplified it. I did some test in the graphics department as well. I reworked the indiciation for the next mark an it was not clear enough in previous version:

What’s new :

– New tricks animations : Fast tacks; Heli Tacks, Duck tack, Duck Jibe, Race Jibe, Race Duck Jibe

– Simplified the use of trick: You can enable more complex tricks when the energy bar is full enough

– Collectable energy drinks to fill the energy bar

– New indicator for the direction to go

– Indicative message pop up

– Some Graphics optimizations / tests

Video coming later!

I place below the formular you need to fill if you’d like to receive a copy (not needed to just update the game).

Note 1 : This formular is here because I need to register you as this is beat version (Apple and Google policies, sorry)

Note 2 : Please provide the email you use to register to the playstore or the Appstore, otherwise it doesn’t work


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