WindSkate beta 0.104 is out!

New WindSkate beta version with a new track and exciting new stuff!!

If you’d like to test WindSkate please fill the form below to receive your own copy !

Note 1 : This formular is here because I need to register you as this is beat version (Apple and Google policies, sorry)

Note 2 : Please provide the email you use to register to the playstore or the Appstore, otherwise it doesn’t work

If you have registered already :

  • On iOS : you can update WindSkate through the TestFlight app
  • On Android : WindSkate will update through the PlayStore


What’s new in WindSkate beta 0.104:

  • New track “Roof tops”, available as preview, not finished but playable


  • New race start dashboard : weather condition, list of opponents
  • New race preview to show you the race track!


  • Starting lights !


  • Icon view of the close opponents.
  • Fixed left right turn button behavior
  • Fixed various bugs

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